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The Fic, As It Stands

These are the fics contained in this lovely community, arranged in chronological order for your convenience and non-hair-pulling. :-)

Let's Not Tell Our Mums Russell/Noel.
Not Really Very Far Nick/Noel, etc.

The Actual Party
•Oops, nothing yet!

That's all for now! More will be organised as they're posted. Enjoy!
Title: Let's Not Tell Our Mums
Author: decor_noctis
Pairing: Russell Brand/Noel Fielding
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: First of all, I'll disclaim this whole thing. I do not know the people involved in this and I made this whole thing up. Beta by forevernew. Title shamelessly stolen from one of the chapters in Russell's autobiography. Background exposition type fic for the Georgeverse.

People were always asking Russell if anything had ever gone on between him and Noel Fielding.Collapse )

The fic that started it all, part one

Title: Not Really Very Far
Fandom(s): The All-American Rejects, The Mighty Boosh (RPS)
Pairing: Nick Wheeler/Noel Fielding. Oh, and some other relationships, but those are (mostly) canon and not the point.
Rating: R at most, because I wimped out on the sex. Sorry!
Summary: “Besides, I’m pretty sure he has a boyfriend.” “Yeah? So do you!”
Disclaimer: Nick Wheeler probably doesn’t have a sekrit myspace, or a crush on Noel Fielding. Noel does have a myspace, but hasn’t used it in forever, so all myspace interactions are clearly fake. Consider the trans-atlantic relationship officially disclaimed. Additionally, any and all screennames used are completely fake.
Thanks: To pre_emptive for suggesting AAR/TMB in the first place. To decor_noctis for endless patience and advice. To planetbanjo for fixing my Julian, and to decor_noctis again for fixing everything else. Also and especially to callsigns for the assignment. &hearts
Notes: Written for fizzyblogic for the damnyouwentz Fic Exchange. I hope it’s satisfactory, and I’m so sorry it’s so horribly late! And yes, I went into this knowing I had an audience of maybe five people. Sorry! :-D

Posted in two parts, because this is the longest damn thing I've ever written, and even LJ thinks it's ridiculous. Second part linked at the bottom.

Not Really Very FarCollapse )


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