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Bandom and Britcom mixing together like a cocktail of pure awesome.
This is the George!verse. Also known as the 'verse of Noel Fielding: Bandom Bicycle. Also known as The Self-Indulgent Mess.

Also known as forevernew and decor_noctis being utterly insane, and mixing bandom with Britcom until the result inevitably explodes in their faces. Until then, though, they'll just keep adding people (Zachary Quinto might show up at some point) and they trust you won't be bothered if they make everyone at least slightly non-straight. After all, where's the fun in not having hot guys macking on each other?
*pairings i'm forgetting, *people i'm forgetting, alex suarez, alex/ryland, andy hurley, bandom, brendon urie, britcom, chris faller, chris gaylor, chris/darren, chris/gabe, darren wilson, drake bell, drake/brendon, edgar wright, edgar/greta, gabe saporta, gabe/zachary, greta salpeter, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, joe trohman, julian barratt, mike kennerty, nick frost, nick wheeler, nick/noel, nick/tyson, noel fielding, noel/everyone, noel/julian, noel/patrick, patrick stump, patrick/jensen, pete wentz, pete/patrick, russell brand, russell/noel, russell/pete, ryland blackinton, ryland/alex/kennerty, simon pegg, tyson ritter, tyson/julian, zachary quinto, zachary/simon